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This website hosts information on the C Prime (C') programming language and its various compiler implementations.


Update: A lot to think about, and a lot to throw out. More features are being tossed by the wayside, as we find simpler ways to allow a programmer to intuitively infer them. We're still here, messing around with lex and yacc.   We'll start with a c99-compliant grammar, then implement a GCC Front End, and continue from that point.
Polymorphism and inheritance
(or just about everything else)
By "popular demand," and in accordance with our weak-typing, Arrays of any dimension can be typedef'd (as long as proper sizes are specified). CPrime will most likely not have templates. Unions, weak-typing, member functions, and function-overloading is more than enough. To cut down on repetition, CPrime will allow initializations in struct declarations.
It will be the programmer's decision whether or not to add const to a function pointer, when initialized in a struct declaration. Douglas Crockford refers to such functionality as "Swiss Inheritance".



Screw what I said below. The #macro and #expression syntax will perfectly match that of standard regular expressions. Changing the "tried and true" is just too confusing: everyone is used to the standard, and those who aren't can get information on it everywhere. in fact, a new pocketbook for that is coming out sometime around August 1st or 10th, if I remember correctly ... it's definitely on MY wish list :-)



The #macro preprocessor statement is near completion. We're still having trouble with syntax and getting the most bang for the buck as far as marrying printf/scanf with regular expression syntax.



We're back up. And we've kicked out some more features once again in order to keep CPrime simple, fun, and effective.

~Jtoxification & Mr Nybbles


I'm sorry to everyone interested in this project. I got lazy, careless, and over-busy, and put this task off for a long time. I'll make this a priority now..